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Tomasz Kowalski

Senior IT Program Manager at the Trendyol Group

Hi Tomasz! Thanks for being our next Smartsheet Superhero ⚡.  Can you share your introduction to Smartsheet and how it became a significant tool in your professional journey?

I first encountered Smartsheet in 2013 during my time at Cisco Systems. It was introduced as a project management tool with basic action tracking, some automation and planning with Gantt charts. However, it wasn't being used to its full potential. In 2019, now working for Delivery Hero, I found Smartsheet in use but lacking in the popularity stakes.

So, what happened next?

As I had previously had experience at Cisco, management tasked me with making Smartsheet popular at Delivery Hero and making a dent in adoption rates. I succeeded and transformed it from 200 to 16,000 users and 15 to 800 licensed users by 2021, resulting in Smartsheet giving a 400% ROI.

How did you contribute to the increased adoption of Smartsheet at Delivery Hero?

This was the fun part! I developed 10-hour training sessions, broke them down into blocks and topics and took colleagues on an interactive Smartsheet journey of upskilling and training. I also began solution building for my colleagues taking every opportunity for growth on my learning pathway.

What was your journey like in mastering Smartsheet

When I first embarked into the world of Smartsheet, my skill level would have been a 2/10 rating. The enthusiasm and motivation I got from designing and building solutions only propelled me further. So much so I would spend my weekends sitting at my PC, learning, creating, designing, absorbing everything I could in the world of Smartsheet.

I reckon my rating now in the Smartsheet skills department would be a 10 /10. Not bad for the guy who never wrote a formula in Excel, yet mastered a tool that thrives on formula design and build.

How has Smartsheet impacted impact your career?

My success led to a new role at Trendyol, where I balance Project Management with being a Smartsheet Solution Maker, benefiting both myself and the organization. I’m also earning about 2.5 times more in my new role, thanks to my Smartsheet skills!

Your dedication to Smartsheet seems remarkable. Can you elaborate on the impact it had on your personal and professional life?

Some may say my passion for Smartsheet is verging on obsession, as I can start thinking and troubleshooting in my own free time, or when I’m at the gym working out. I see it more as the perfect time for the mind to be quiet and allowing some space for the magic to happen. Smartsheet is not just a spreadsheet. It’s a mindset, a technology, a way of working that brings joy and happiness. It can save time, reduce frustration, improve wellbeing, and genuinely help people. It’s especially rewarding when you see someone have the AHA moment, when they truly get what Smartsheet is all about.

How do you perceive the role of Smartsheet beyond being a spreadsheet?

Smartsheet, to me, is not just a tool; it's a way of working that brings happiness. It goes beyond saving time; it improves well-being and genuinely helps people. It's not about saving the world globally, but about making a positive impact where I work, and that's both exciting and humbling.


If this has inspired you, please do let Tomasz Kowalski know. Also please share this story with those you know have so much more potential to realise, but may not have the self-belief or support to do so. And with leaders in your organisations who say their people are their greatest assets... maybe it's time to get them a Smartsheet licence to see what they could achieve all round.

Tomasz Kowalski
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