About us

With experience gained over 20 years working in multiple sectors for blue-chip companies on multi-million pound projects and brands at a global and local scale and across functions, we know a few things about successful project delivery.

Founded by Rich Coles in 2016, who after an early career in the military that developed his leadership and executional capability skills, went on to work at Cadbury and GlaxoSmithKline helping lead and deliver global projects, working in marketing, R&D, supply chain, HR, and IT in a variety of roles, but always working cross-functionally. As lead consultant, with his continued hunger for learning and continuous improvement, Rich combines his leadership skills and knowledge on delivering complex change at a global and local level with his analysis to seek out the most effective and efficient ways to deliver results through teams, leveraging technology to free up people to focus on the value-add activity.

Since discovering what can be achieved with Smartsheet,  Rich re-focussed Prodactive to help businesses unlock significant efficiency gains through enhanced collaboration with workflow automation, increased visibility and transparency to ensure effort is expended on the right priorities, and to unlock the power of data that all too often sits dormant within files where it could be interacting with other data to generate powerful insights or information sharing. 

We have successfully helped clients in the following sector make significant improvements to how they work in a wide range of use-cases:





Financial Services

Media & Broadcasting

Professional Services

IT Services

Property & Real Estate

Renewable Energy



Consumer goods




Some client testimonials

“After a chat with Rich, where he suggested a variety of examples for how we could use Smartsheets to improve data collection, analysis and presentation activity at Gong Cha Global Ltd, I was intrigued whether it was really true and so easy.  I gave him a challenge and within 3 hours he’d built me a solution with a powerful dashboard to receive my data and visualise it in such a way that it would have taken me days to complete in any other way.


Gong cha has Master Franchisees around the world and this has really helped me to streamline my processes, save so much time for everyone involved and provide instant updates 24/7.  


I can now see a myriad of areas where we can use Smartsheets in our business to continue to drive performance and gain competitive advantage in our industry”

Ahmet Baristiran

AmEMEA Business Transformation Director