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Implementing a common execution platform

Case study on the implementation of a common execution platform

Mystery shopper and customer feedback

Case study for the implementation of a Smartsheet solution to initially upgrade the collection of data for its mystery shopper programme to implementing a customer feedback solution

Logistics case study

Case study for the development of a bespoke Smartsheet solution for an international logistics company that was dissatisfied with its existing logistics planning software as that did not adapt well to the complexity of the project-based jobs it undertook that involved the planning and execution of a high number of time-sequenced moves of specialist vehicles with specific criteria

Payroll management case study

Case study to implement a Project Financial Management System (PFMS) for the Bromley by Bow Centre to enable better recording, tracking and cost allocation across their 40+ services, activities and community projects

Property case study

Case study on managing the first programme of its kind in the UK to upgrade 30% of properties of a 1,439-property portfolio in a live residential environment across 48 buildings spread over a 67-acre neighbourhood, carried out during the COVID pandemic, establishing a blueprint to enable the programme to be absorbed into Business as Usual.

Keeping data in sync

How do you remain efficient when your data and instructions keep on being updated? This was the challenge Charlene Dias at the Posterhouse wanted to solve. And with the help of Smartsheet's DataMesh we did...

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