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Here's a selection of videos demonstrating some of the many things you can achieve with Smartsheets.   More are being regularly added to our YouTube channel so please also check there or subscribe to be notified when a new one is added

Smartsheet demo of dynamic reporting capabilities


A quick demo to show how a Smartsheet report can be used to share a subset of information from a sheet and how information updated in this report is updated directly on the master sheet. The example uses a property portfolio scenario, but this can apply to any number of business scenarios.

Smartsheet demo - interconnected sheets with automatic updates

A short demo to show the power of interconnected sheets within Smartsheet and how when information is updated in one sheet it can automatically flow through to another linked sheet.

Smartsheet demo on proofing images, PDF files and videos

Using the Smartsheet proofing function can save so much time and heartache for document, image and video approvals, saving the back and forth of emails, and ensuring all reviewers can see each other's comments and the version history.

Smartsheet demo for creating an actions log in seconds with automated alerts

How much time is wasted in businesses recording actions in documents, sending these files out after meetings and chasing people for status updates or having to review previous minutes at the start of the next meeting? In Smartsheet you can create an actions log in seconds that attendees have immediate access to. With a tiny bit of extra work, you can then set up automatic reminders to for people to update incomplete actions ahead of a deadline - and then everyone can focus on the work that needs to happen, rather than wasting time chasing for status updates.

Smartsheet Dynamic View demo - collaborate with confidentiality

Smartsheet Dynamic View demo using two scenarios to give an overview of how it works and potential use cases - one for employee training records and feedback, the other for sharing specific info from a project timeplan with an external contractor where you don't want to share the whole plan

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