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Mystery shopper and customer feedback

Case study for the implementation of a Smartsheet solution to initially upgrade the collection of data for its mystery shopper programme to implementing a customer feedback solution

Mystery shopper and customer feedback


Gong cha is a bubbling global bubble tea company that's currently taking the world by storm. Headquartered in London, UK and with almost 2,000 stores in 22 countries, Gong cha is one of the fastest-growing tea brands out there, serving up high-quality, premium bubble tea drinks to tea lovers everywhere. If you're a fan of bubble tea, keep an eye out for Gong cha.


But even the biggest and best have their challenges!

Gong cha were struggling to understand the voice of the customer from across their global territories. Initially, they started working with external mystery shopper agencies. However, due to the disparate methods of data collection and presentation, coupled with the fact that each store only received one mystery shopper visit per month, it was quickly evident that this programme was insufficient (and costly). Gong cha needed a cost-effective method to capture real-time qualitative and quantitative feedback from their real customers.


Enter the solution! Gong cha made great use of Smartsheet’s automated data capture tools.

After buying a drink, the customer can now scan a QR code with their phone, fill in the short feedback survey and within seconds the data automatically feeds into a centralised database and dashboard. Customers can also submit their own photos and videos of drinks and selfies of their experience, directly from their phones.


The results are incredible! Gong cha can now visualise the feedback from a customer journey and experience of a bubble tea purchase, and create alerts for store managers, franchisees and corporate departments to act upon immediately.

This streamlined the process has made it more efficient and eliminated the need for multiple parties to compile data each month. It’s a win-win for everyone in the process.

As a result of this success, Gong cha has now started exploring wider use cases for Smartsheet across the company and adopted Smartsheet Advance as an enterprise-wide solution.


Here's what Ahmet Baristiran, Global Business Transformation Director at Gong cha Global Ltd, had to say about Smartsheet:

"Rich at Prodactive initially suggested some examples of how we could use Smartsheet to improve data collection, analysis and presentation activity at Gong cha. I was quite intrigued whether it was really true and so easy, so I gave him a challenge. Within a few hours he’d built me a solution with a powerful dashboard to receive my data and visualize it in a fraction of the time that would otherwise have taken me days to complete.

Smartsheet has really helped us to streamline our processes to save a huge amount of time and provide instant updates. In addition to time, we have financial savings estimated at around US$1m by switching from the mystery shopper to running our own customer feedback programme.

I can now see a myriad of areas where our teams can use Smartsheet to continue driving performance and gain competitive advantage in the global bubble tea industry."

At Gong cha Global, innovation is key, and with Smartsheet at their fingertips, they're taking their business to new heights. Stay tuned to see what they come up with next!

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