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Implementing a common execution platform

Case study on the implementation of a common execution platform

Implementing a common execution platform


Paramount Group is a Global Aerospace & Defence group of companies operating in the global defence, internal security and peacekeeping industries. Established in South Africa in 1994, it offers a range of military aircraft, armoured vehicles, maritime systems, equipment and training to governments.


• The new CEO wanted to significantly improve the visibility and tracking of performance, strategic priorities and financial KPIs across the organisation so that he and his leadership teams had one version of the truth they could all focus on.

• Over the course of various sessions he outlined his vision for his ‘Common Execution platform’ and signing up to a new Smartsheet account two days before Christmas, set the challenge to launch this in early January to his executive team.


• We co-developed a common dashboard that incorporated the latest monthly financial metrics, strategic Imperatives, projects, and business development pipelines that then rolled up into a consolidated dashboard for the entire company.

• By leveraging the Smartsheet Silver Advance package, we were able to utilise Control Center, Data Shuttle and Pivot App as part of the solution which radically accelerated the time it took to implement it across the various companies.

• Each company also had a common workspace structure housing all of their respective Board packs and they now run all of their board meetings across the group utilising this. This Workspace also contains all historic Board packs


• They have taken their board meetings prep down by 70%, and their board meetings have gone from the whole day to 60 minutes, utilising a combination of the Common Execution platform and the board pack environment. Weekly and monthly meetings are all run using Smartsheet exclusively. No more PowerPoints are required for board meetings, weekly, monthly, daily scrums and quality management meetings. It is all contained in Smartsheet.


“Rich built our Common Execution platform and related workspaces on Smartsheet from scratch in record time over the Christmas period. He and I designed this together and he was easily able to grasp our requirement, map and then build it […] Rich has an ability to devise more than one solution to our new ideas. He goes above and beyond for us at record speed.

I highly recommend Prodactive to develop your Smartsheet workspace. He is incredibly knowledgeable with Smartsheet, Processes, Systems and Project Management.”

Steve Griessel

Group Chief Executive Officer
Paramount Group Limited ADGM

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