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Michelle Basson

Head of Solution Design and Innovation at Herotel

At Prodactive Project Solutions, we love helping people achieve amazing things through Smartsheet and we love hearing their Smartsheet stories and sharing these to help inspire others as to what can be achieved.

We sat down recently with Michelle Basson, Head of Solution Design and Innovation at Herotel. Here is her inspiring story……


Hi Michelle! Thanks for being our latest Smartsheet Superhero ⚡. Can you tell us a little bit about how you were first introduced to Smartsheet?

Well, it’s a wonderful journey I am very passionate about. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

I first encountered Smartsheet during my time at Herotel ( four years ago. Herotel is a telecommunications company that provides fibre, fixed wireless broadband, VOIP & Wi-Fi services. There was a need to implement a platform that could be used across the business to promote communication, visibility and standardisation.

My task was set: assess the project management capabilities of the Smartsheet platform. Why? To understand if it could meet our business needs and become our standard business application.

It was “solution at first sight” !!!!

A new exciting world of possibilities opened up before me. I discovered that Smartsheet went way beyond being a mere project management tool. It had capabilities and functionality I knew could truly improve and assist our PPM community and our Business Leaders.

We began to dip our toes in! We purchased 3 licences for 3 early adopters to get it up and running. It did not take long for a wonderful ripple effect to take place…..

  • I became Smartsheet certified ✅

  • Become Herotel’s SME/super user ✅

  • Brought our entire team into the world of Smartsheet ✅

  • Transformed how we operate to a modern way of working ✅

  • Began to see the wider opportunities for Herotel ✅

A wave of interest from other business areas began. Other departments were keen to understand how Smartsheet could help them in their day to day, and from there the demand and uptick began!

We now needed to look at scalability. I knew the tool was capable, it was a case of understanding business requirements and designing and building solutions.

And that is where I discovered my TRUE PASSION! 💫

Building solutions that address customer needs. It was win-win!

So my next phase of the journey began; helping to upskill others who showed a passion for learning Smartsheet; encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing and support; becoming advocates for this new modern way of working.

What does Smartsheet adoption and usage look like now at Herotel?

Smartsheet usage now spans across every department — from accounts and finance to field services, infrastructure, sales, systems, marketing, support, and networks.

It truly is a platform that seamlessly integrates across all departments.

What do you think would be your biggest buzz or achievement from discovering Smartsheet?

Creating solutions in Smartsheet, by understanding the customer's requirements and leveraging the platform's functionalities, it is a profoundly humbling experience. Witnessing the impact on their day-to-day operations, the excitement, and sometimes relief, as they realise how this will simplify their lives, is immensely gratifying.

What impact would you say your Smartsheet journey brought to the company?

My passion and enthusiasm for Smartsheet has spread among my colleagues. My excitement for Smartsheet is primarily because Smartsheet has profoundly influenced my life and the way I approach my work, from small enhancements to large-scale solutions. I take great joy in sharing this transformative experience with others, enabling them to have their own "Hallelujah" moment.

What is next on your inspiring Smartsheet journey?

Continue to teach other users and expand our team of Smartsheet advocates, the joy of transferring skills so they can make their own impact, is truly amazing. The adoption of Smartsheet within the company has been a personal goal. I firmly believe that, with training and understanding of the platform, users can independently address their basic needs. Providing them with this powerful tool is both impactful and rewarding.

Wow, when I reflect on my own personal journey, I am grateful that my day job is not “just another day in the office”. It can be exciting, and empowering for me, and for others. Who knew that this would be because of the Smartsheet platform?!?!

Any last words Michelle?

I could go on, but best get back to designing and building solutions: they don’t get built on their own!!


If this has inspired you, please do let Michelle Basson know. Also please share this story with those you know have so much more potential to realise, but may not have the self-belief or support to do so. And with leaders in your organisations who say their people are their greatest assets... maybe it's time to get them a Smartsheet licence to see what they could achieve all round.

And if you know of a Smartsheet superhero you would like to nominate or to let us know your own story, please let us know.

At Prodactive Project Solutions we are driven by a collective passion to make a massive difference for our clients and unlock wasted time, resource, and capability. And develop Smartsheet Superheroes in the process... please do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how we could help unlock potential in your organisation.

Michelle Basson
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